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Our Approach is flexible and customized specifically for your organization.

New Opportunities

We work with you.

Evergreen Revenue approaches every project as if we are a member of your team. We are here to understand your organization, identify the business opportunities, and address the challenges you are facing. Our flexible process and dynamic team has the ability to customize a program specifically for your team and your organization. We will work directly with your existing team and have the ability to engage or manage additional team resources as needed.

How we are measured

Our goal is to design and implement programs that deliver target results within specific timelines and budgets.  Our biggest reward is to make a difference with lasting impacts.  The program will have predetermined criteria for success and the right resources to deliver expected results.  We will demonstrate a measurable improvement and you are guaranteed a positive return on your investment.

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The Evergreen Revenue Process

Discovery & Research

Review areas of concern, discuss potential opportunities, develop target goals, and define objectives for the organization.  The relevant areas of the organization and current team resources are identified.  Review staff roles, responsibilities, existing commitments, and available time.  Identify priorities and establish target timelines.


Feasibility Analysis

Finalize project priorities and interviews staff in relevant areas of the organization. Discuss potential items that could impact the timeline and determine resources needed to complete the project. Program management tools and communication expectations are established.

Project Planning

Develop project implementation plans, review them with team, and provide to staff members for input. Modifications are made based on feedback. Obtain necessary approval and authorization from staff to complete the program action items. Program management tools, communication tools, and project expectations are finalized. 

Program Implementation

Enable management tools and begin team communications. Start program items and managed until complete. Adjustments are made as needed with approval from the project team. The team provides regular updates, conducts status meetings, provides reports, manages the timeline, and delivers components at key milestones. The team confirms final project deliverables are complete.

Training & Knowledge Transfer

Provide team member training and ensure proper knowledge transfer occurs. Ensure the program has a lasting impact for the organization. Continue training and validation until staff demonstrates a mastery of the new program. Support the team as programs are integrated into daily operations.


Manage the program implementation process and deliverables.  Assistance and support staff or drive program management as an extension of the team. Guide decisions with numbers and team member input.  Implement modifications as needed.  Monitor and verify systems, ensure the program is operating properly.


Measure program performance and coordinate team communications.  Report on program impacts and progress towards goals.  Identify areas that require adjustments.  


Analyze data and program outcomes.  Prioritize potential areas for improvement.  Manage budgets and available resources to deliver the largest impact.  Improvements are identified when the program gains industry knowledge, changes occur with market opportunities, and program managers obtain new information.

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