The Evergreen Revenue Approach


Our Approach is managed in 5 Project Phases.

We provide solutions, deliver services and integrate systems designed explicitly for you. Our custom programs and projects are configured for your company, your team, your industry, your market, your community.
We approach every project with a focus on the goals and results that determine success for your business. Every project component is connected to the resources and people needed to accomplish the objective. We are flexible with who is part of the project team. Our programs can be configured to work with your existing team, including: staff, independent contractors, or other service firms you already have a working relationship with. This approach is designed to maximize results with your available budget.


1) Project Alignment

This planning phase will identify what you are trying to accomplish, your goals, objectives, and timeline. We will identify your current project team members, their potential contribution, availability, and previous experience. We will discuss roles and review our initial recommendations to ensure everyone on the team understands expectations and agrees to the project commitments.
You will gain an understanding of the Evergreen Revenue approach and our process to ensure a successful engagement.  At this time our initial assessment will indicate if your goals and objectives are feasible with the current team, resources, and timeline.  We may recommend additional resources or team members be considered in order to obtain your goals and objectives.  Based on this review, a realistic timeline will be discussed.
In the end we will have consensus on team roles, project definitions, engagement expectations, and individual commitments. It is not recommended to move to the next phase if the project is not set up for success.


2) Project Scope

Once we are aligned, our focus will transition to develop a specific project scope. The project scope will incorporate items from the alignment phase and additional details needed to successfully implement the project.
A Project Scope may include: Goals & Objectives, Defined Deliverables, Roles & Responsibilities, Communication Schedule, Project Milestones, Success Metrics, Engagement Process, Review & Evaluation Stages, Management Tools, Assumptions, Known Unknowns, and Budget & Payments.


3) Project Implementation

Now the fun begins as we lead the project through the implementation phase. We will follow items contained in the Project Scope and manage resources to accomplish the project objectives. Our dynamic team of professionals will demonstrate why you selected Evergreen Revenue. Updates will be provided according to the schedule and on a proactive basis if additional communication is needed. Budgets are managed and timelines are followed. We will ask for feedback at key milestones and review suggestions as team members engage. During this phase we may uncover additional items that need to be considered, reviewed, and discussed.


4) Project Deliverables

At defined points in the project, our team will produce project deliverables. Deliverables are presented to you and reviewed by the team. Deliverables may include documents, tools, applications, platforms, programs, processes, training, and sessions to transfer knowledge to your staff. We often will include additional support recommendations and data driven analysis to enable the successful transfer of project deliverables. We encourage questions and feedback to ensure deliverables are fully utilized. Once final project deliverables are provided the engagement will conclude with your approval.


5) Project Review

After the project is finalized, we will conduct a debrief to measure impacts and ensure your experience exceeded expectations. We are always open to suggestions and recommendations to encourage a lasting relationship with you. We will ask for data points to calculate a return on your investment and projected business impacts based on the project deliverables. Our goal is to work with you again on the next project and continue to add value to your team as your business grows and evolves.

The Evergreen Revenue Approach is designed to efficiently produce results.  It provides a proven framework to develop, manage, and implement effective projects.


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