About Evergreen Revenue

We are focused on making a positive impact everyday. A positive impact for our clients and our community. Our team of professionals are committed to your success. With a flexible approach, we design & implement programs that fit with your organization.
We manage resources to achieve your target results. Results that deliver a positive return on your investment. Going beyond common offerings, we provide Solutions, deliver Services, and integrate Systems for each area of your organization. In most cases, we work across multiple departments to provide sustainable outcomes with lasting impacts. We ensure all components work together so you are able to grow, adapt, & gain momentum as you achieve your goals.
We take pride in making a difference for our clients. Our team enjoys a challenge & are eager to demonstrate our abilities. We value your relationship & look forward to the next opportunity to produce results for you.

Team Approach

Our approach is simple, "we win as a team". A team that fits the project, fits with your organization, & fits your budget. We are experienced professionals ready to make an impact. We take pride in our projects. Each team member brings expertise & a proven ability to deliver for our clients.
Our team is flexible & dynamic. We evaluate what resources are needed on the team and may introduce specialized team members at various stages of a project. We bring the right resources at the right time, avoiding extra time & unnecessary cost

Established Standards, Exceptional Teams

Quality people are the foundation of every team. Our Team is committed to deliver results for you and your organization. Allow us demonstrate how our team approach works.  Evergreen Revenue was founded to assist awesome organizations that make a difference everyday.

Glen R. Girard,  Managing Director

For more than 30 years, Glen has led projects & teams to success. Throughout his career the primary focus was delivering value to the organization, fellow team members, & customers. Always incorporating a multi-facet viewpoint & a hands on style, while guiding & directing cross-functional teams. The goal was to ensure each component of an initiative was implemented with a collaborative approach. Spanning several industries & working with team members at all levels, it was always important to provide clear direction, ensure understanding, & maintain open communications. This formula is very repeatable & works within tight timelines.
Glen enjoys working with owners, leadership teams, & individuals to determine the best path for success. The plan is to assemble a powerful team working together & committed to go beyond what others might consider acceptable standards.
Prior to founding Evergreen Revenue in 2009, Glen worked in healthcare, non-profits, manufacturing, professional service firms & technology companies. With a focus on organizational development & the revenue side of a company, he excelled at various operations, business development & marketing roles. After spending a couple decades working within organizations, it was time to expand by assisting more organizations to provide a larger community impact.

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